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Real estate agent Chuck Tanner Reviews are taken seriously. Real estate is a business that requires knowledge, patience and a whole lot of people skills. In this modern age of technology that we live in, customer reviews are HUGE! If you take care of your clients and treat them fairly your business will thrive. Conversely, if you do not take care of your clients’ your business will die.

With the explosion of the internet, consumers can tell a lot about a person based on online reviews. A good online review can lead to trust and possibly referrals. A co-worker once told me that "one cannot buy back one’s reputation, so take care of it." Real estate is my passion and my career. I love working with and helping people. I cannot imagine doing anything else except maybe playing golf on the pro tour. The only problem with that is that I am not good enough. See below what real people are saying about Chuck!

  • Lee Christian
    We happened to find Chuck when we were going to look at a property and the agent was on vacation. Immediately Chuck felt trustworthy, taking the time to listen to our needs and wants. Never one to over sell, he did make sure to put things into perspective for my wife and I, pointing out the pro's  and being very honest about the cons of every situation. He never says no. He never turned us away no matter how many houses we wanted to see or re-see. Patient and understanding that I was a first time home buyer. When things with the seller agent started turning towards the bad, Chuck took control. He's a fighter. He's never willing to accept anything but the very best for his clients. Without a doubt I can promise you, if you want to ensure that every penny you spend on your home purchase is going to the right house, you'll want to have Chuck Tanner as your agent. He's 100% Top Shelf. Thank you, Chuck!
    Lee Christian
  • Drew & Brenda
    Folks, I don't normally write reviews but I MUST share my impressions about Chuck Tanner. THIS GUY IS EXCEPTIONAL!!! I enthusiastically share this review because I know what he did for us purchasing a newly constructed home. If you want a heavyweight who will absolutely fight on your behalf then contact Chuck. Having bought about 13 homes including investment properties over the years, we are VERY savvy homebuyers. However, Chuck saved us thousands of dollars because he knows the games builders play and every homebuyer or home seller strategy on earth. He caught things in the contract that we missed, he went head-to-head with agents and over the head of folks when he wasn't getting the answers needed for us, his client. Integrity, knowledgeable actually FUN to work with! On top of all of that, he has a really cute dog! You won't find another one like him; Chuck, not the dog.
    Drew & Brenda
  • Gigi Douglas

    In early April, I was off work for Spring Break. I needed to find a home and get moved by the end of May. Chuck Tanner made it a priority to show me the houses that I wanted to see. He worked with my list of homes and organized the viewings so that we didn’t have to double back to see homes. I had no idea that houses went “off market” as quickly as they did with offers quickly being made. There was a particular house that I really liked from the photos and from a drive by viewing, but it already had an offer on it. Chuck told me that we could still look at it and offer a back up offer, so we finally got to see it. Once inside, I was not impressed, so we started over. I appreciated so much, his willingness to go look at a house that had a contract on it, because I really wanted to see the house.

    I continually sent him homes that I liked and we viewed many. Finally, I asked to see one that I kept passing by online for one reason or another. He scheduled a showing on a Sunday after church on April 7. We drove up and there was another family looking at the home, which made me sad. From the outside, I fell in love with this house. After viewing the home, he asked me what I thought about it. I said, “There is nothing that I don’t like about this house”! He told me to think it over for a day and get back to him about it. I knew when I left that I wanted this house. He immediately went to work writing up and submitting an offer on the house. Our offer was submitted on April 10. We closed on May 10! Chuck worked diligently every step of the way to keep me informed of the process, and I am so thankful for all of his hard work and patience with me as we searched for the perfect house in the perfect location.

    Chuck asks a lot of questions to help understand what and where you are looking to live. He listens patiently and will do whatever he can to make the home buying process easier for you, the buyer.

    At closing, he was present and even presented me with a very nice “new home” gift! I moved in on May 14 and on June 4, realized that the attic stairs had somehow been broken since I entered the attic during the home inspection. I emailed him to see what could be done, he contacted the Home Inspection group, and they replaced the ladder!

    I am so thankful that I found such a knowledgeable and reputable realtor for my home buying. It was such a pleasant experience, and I would recommend Chuck Tanner to anyone looking for a new home. I would definitely use Chuck Tanner again, should the need arise.

    Choose Chuck Tanner and Happy House Hunting!

    Gigi Douglas
  • Laura Reda
    Chuck is a friendly, yet professional realtor. His knowledge of the real estate market and genuine interest in my needs made buying my property a fantastic experience. Chuck was extremely attentive and I was very impressed with his diligence and devotion through the entire process. I would highly recommend Chuck to anyone who is in need of an honest, hard working, dedicated realtor.
    Laura Reda
  • Lee & Nicole Rasi
    Working with Chuck to sell our home was great! He explained every step of the process and was always available to answer questions via phone, email or text. He got our home sold lightening quick and made the entire experience a pleasure. We would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell.
    Lee & Nicole Rasi
  • Robin Jackson
    Relocating from Vallejo California, to Locust Grove Georgia, was one of the most difficult challenges I had ever endured, however, From the first moment I spoke with Chuck Tanner from Keller Williams, in the state of Georgia, I knew I'd found a winning real estate agent! Mr. Tanner's  professionalism, real estate knowledge, prompt service, likable people personality, and his ability to pay attention to detail, regarding what my husband and I was looking for in our dream home, made us feel like we were in very good hands, we put 100% trust in Chuck. This is truly our testimony. We never physically went to Georgia to look at the home we purchased, we viewed pictures on the internet, Chuck went to the property for us, did a walk- throu, took lots of pictures, answered all of our questions, did an outstanding job describing the house to detail, he also told us that the neighborhood was a great neighborhood to move into, the surrounding homes in the neighborhood, we're very well kept, described things about the house that were not captured in the pictures, or captured in the description of the house. Chuck went the extra mile for us, and because of that, I recommend my real estate agent, Chuck Tanner, of Keller Williams, to anyone who is seriously thinking to buy a home in Georgia. You would be getting an agent that is Efficient, Knowledgeable, Friendly, and best-of-all.... he gets The Job DONE!!! he did it for us, Within our time frame. We are very happy in our Dream Home, we are the Wiley's, Leon and Robin, and we vote our real estate agent, Chuck Tanner from Keller Williams the number one agent of 2018. Thank you Chuck Tanner for helping us find our Dream Home.
    Robin Jackson
  • Thomas & Stephanie Brown
    We couldn't have chosen a better agent to work with. Chuck went out of his way to make sure we were happy with the home choice and would enjoy it forever. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house. Chuck is very responsive, keeps in great communication and never let us down once. Thank  you Chuck for all that you did!
    Thomas & Stephanie Brown
  • Brad & Chrysti Beard
    I don't know where to begin. I wanted to purchase my wife her dream home and contacted Chuck to help me with the process. Needless to say, we were probably one of his toughest clients that he has had. We ran into numerous problems with sellers over-pricing their homes. Every single time, Chuck was  able to do the research and tell me within several hundred dollars what the home was actually worth. After almost 6 months of looking, making offers, researching properties, Chuck was able to contract a deal for the home that my wife wanted. I could not be happier with Chuck. He has a great work ethic, is honest, and will do whatever it takes to get you what you want. If You Need An Agent......Call Chuck... I Love My House.
    Brad & Chrysti Beard
  • David and Deanna Justice
    We own a rental company just outside of Atlanta and purchase a few houses a year. Chuck has been our real estate agent for the past few years on multiple purchases and perspective purchases - and we wouldn’t have it any other way. He is, by far, the most responsive and helpful agent we’ve ever had. Every time we work with Chuck, he makes us feel like his primary customer. A simple text with an address yields an immediate response from him with not only a wealth of information on the property, but also a proposed schedule for viewing ASAP. He always has our best interests in mind and has made each of our purchases go smoothly and with ease. Chuck is definitely a “full service” real estate agent from beginning to end, and worth his weight in gold in our industry. We couldn’t be more grateful for his efforts.
    David and Deanna Justice
  • Damon & Terry Mosley
    Chuck was the best agent we have ever had. He was committed to us getting the best deal on our home. He became more than just an agent, Chuck became a friend. He was there for us both day and night. When the process became stressful Chuck was the calming factor. I would recommend Chuck to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. He truly understands the industry and how to get the most for his clients.
    Damon & Terry Mosley
  • Chris & Janet Jobson
    Chuck was very honest and made sure we had all the information we needed to make the best offer on our home. He has an amazing ammount of knowledge for the area and only works with others in the business of high caliber. We fully recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a house.
    Chris & Janet Jobson
  • Nathaniel & Michelle Freeman
    Chuck was an excellent realtor, he put the needs and wants of his clients first. When we first approached chuck we knew what we wanted in a house and had found one that was currently under contract. Chuck advised us that he normally would not show a house under contract because it would cause heartbreaks if the property was sold.....Chuck saw how excited and interested we were about the property and showed it to us anyway because he knew how passionate we were about the property. needless to say within 2 month we actually ended up purchasing the house... Chuck was there with us through every step of the loan process, closing, and even followed up after we were all settled in. We could not have asked for a better agent. Since then we have recommended Chuck to 3 other couples who were interested in purchasing a home.
    Nathaniel & Michelle Freeman
  • Christy Nebel
    In 2009, I bought my first home through Chuck Tanner and he worked diligently to expedite the process because my previous lease was expiring! The job was handled professionally and I had no complaints! In 2013, I had contacted a different Realtor about possibly short-selling my home because I was re-locating out of state. I contacted this Realtor because I saw a flashy advertisement stating they were "Short-Sale Experts." They came out, assessed the home, and then told me that I would basically have to go through the short-sale process on my own because they weren't allowed to contact my mortgage company. This was contrary to everything I had heard or read about. (more…)
    Christy Nebel
  • Kris & Tricia Rzepkowski
    We relocated to Georgia from NY state. Chuck was very helpful in explaining the area and the variety of locations available. He was very patient throughout the showing process. He was a great advocate for us when it came down to making offers and counter-offers. Chuck was always available via cel phone to answer questions. I would definitely recommend Chuck to help you purchase your next home. Thank you!
    Kris & Tricia Rzepkowski
  • Justin & Amanda Hester

    My husband and I looked at many houses during 2012-2013 and spoke with many realtors. Our favorite was Chuck Tanner. We bought our first home through him. We found that there are some good realtors that can explain the process well, and there are some realtors that left us in the dark making the process that much more confusing. From the day we looked at the house to the day we closed, Chuck was awesome!

    Driving out to meet us at the house last minute to show us the house, answering my calls to answer my questions (and I had a lot as this was our first home), he put us in touch with an awesome lender that was able to get us a better loan than anticipated, when we had a couple last minute concerns (a toilet issue and a window issue) he made sure all the issues were fixed by the seller before closing AND he had the closing paper work state that if we had an issue with that specific toilet up to 30 days after closing the seller would be responsible for fixing it!

    Our closing day was awesome, not only is he a great realtor who did his job very well, he was very friendly which added to our overall experience! Even after closing, Chuck came to our house warming party, he was the first one to show up (with a gift and a card AND we received a Christmas card from Chuck!)! Chuck Tanner went above and beyond!

    Justin & Amanda Hester
  • Patrick & Amanda Ahern
    Chuck was amazing!!! My husband and I were looking for a house in a hard price range but he found us our home and was so very patient with us. He was easy to reach any time, any day and was just overall a great realtor. We had a great experience and would highly recommend him to anybody and everybody.
    Patrick & Amanda Ahern
  • Susan Harris
    Chuck Tanner made my real estate experience - very stress free. We looked at a lot of homes and he was always available to meet and show the home. He knew the areas in which we were looking for and I felt like we had a step up on the market. I would highly recommend Chuck Tanner to anyone in the real estate market.
    Susan Harris
  • Robin Buschman
    I have known Chuck Tanner on both a Professional, Personal, and Political level. Creditability is paramount with Chuck Tanner. He was invaluable with his Real Estate knowledge in helping my parents from entering into a horrible contract. My Father, who never trusted anyone......'TRUSTED' Chuck Tanner. Always kind, gracious, and accommodating he is the ultimate professional who will look after the Clients needs.
    Robin Buschman
  • John & Elizabeth Mathis
    It was a pleasure working with Chuck Tanner! He is very knowledgeable about real estate in our area and he has great marketing skills. Before we listed with him, he even took time to walk through our home and offer recommendations on simple ways to improve the home's presentation. Whenever I had a question or concern he responded immediately and his negotiating skills were critical in closing the deal. Our experience with Chuck was nothing but positive!
    John & Elizabeth Mathis
  • Jason & Gabby Stout
    Chuck was definitely the best person in our 'team' of people who helped my fiance and I purchase our first home. He was so accommodating, thorough, and extremely prompt on getting back to us and answering any questions we had (no matter how small). He took us to every house we asked to see and didn't hurry us along through the process of finding 'the one'. He is an EXCELLENT agent. His service did not stop at closing; he has kept in contact with us (he even sent us our first card for our first home!) along with reminding us about filing for homestead exemption. If you want someone who will not stop until you're satisfied, call Chuck.
    Jason & Gabby Stout
  • Sheila Craine
    Very happy with the attention and guidance through this process. I would surely recommend him to a friend and use him again. He constantly stayed in touch and kept us informed. Very pleased.
    Sheila Craine
  • Wayne & Priscilla Beirola
    From the very first time I contacted Chuck, he was willing to meet with us and show us houses anywhere we chose. He went above and beyond throughout the whole search and buying process and was an excellent liaison for us even after we were mostly doing mortgage paperwork. He is honest, professional, very easy to get along with, and although he did not express much of his own opinion, he had valuable opinions when we needed them. We appreciated this facet of Chuck's personality because it made us feel free to choose without being pressured into a purchase like some agents do. I even hated that he had to share his commission with the agent working for the sellers because he did so much work! He deserved every penny! Chuck is an amazing realtor and and truly an awesome person. We have a family member who has used Chuck to sell their home and buy a new one THREE TIMES, and another family member who bought a house with his help last year, and if we ever buy again he MOST DEFINITELY will be our agent then as well. Choose Chuck!! He will get the job done and YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!
    Wayne & Priscilla Beirola
  • Richard & Jody Carter
    I took us close to a year to find the right home. Chuck Tanner was our second realtor, the first realtor was well known, but NO help. She only wanted a quick sale. After two months we found Chuck. My wife and I were very picky, and Chuck was there to help every step of the way. At one point we found a home and spent weeks negotiating a deal, and at the end my wife and I decided it was not the home for us. Chuck was very patient, never once getting upset and stated " We will find the home for you." Many times he was showing us a home the same day he found them, to make sure we didn't miss a shot at the right house. He went above and beyond, more than any realtor we have ever dealt with. My company moves us quite a bit, we have dealt with many realtors, but he is by far the BEST we have dealt with. We highly recommend Chuck Tanner to all of our friends and family.
    Richard & Jody Carter